Networking / Telecommunications

Networking allows for ease of information sharing by linking systems so that they can interact with each other. It enables computers to transmit data within the same network and share resources such as files, printers and various software programs.


We have found this to be the largest growth area with all our clients. It provides the opportunity to work from a remote site, from home or when travelling abroad. We can setup this facility for you to enable you to be in constant contact with the day to day running of your business. It means that employees have a way of communicating with each other from wherever they are, in a fast and secure way. VPN uses the Internet to connect remote sites or users together.


Many businesses are now using the wireless network because of its convenience and flexibility. It allows users to access the network resources in real-time from most locations within their network infrastructure. Wireless networks can serve a sudden increase in the number of staff and provide access to people visiting the office, such as clients and suppliers.


If your network operates on a single site, we will deploy a local area network. This is usually based on Ethernet technology, connecting your computers to one another and to local devices such as your printers and servers. As LANs operate in a small geographical area, the use of leased telecommunication lines are not required. Ethernet is relatively inexpensive, easy to set up and use, as well as being very fast. We will implement your LAN network to ensure scalability for whenever it needs to be expanded.


A solid and secure Internet connection is vital in order to be able to carry out much of today's business activity effectively. We offer ADSL, SDSL, Leased Line and Ethernet solutions, designed to suit a variety of business needs. Each option delivers high levels of performance and scalability.


Covering mainland UK, we offer a first class installation service for a large range of products. From structured cabling to multi-site telecoms installations, our engineers are trained to the highest standard.

Our cabling teams are CSCS registered and carry IPAF cards for working at height. Our experience with Fibre installation and termination dates back many years. We now use a chemical termination system which is quick, secure and durable.

All our engineers are manufacturer trained and certified on the products they install. We have an excellent grounding in IP technologies and wide experience in a range of VOIP solutions.